Update April 23, 2021:

We are currently working on economic development programs for nano-businesses and subsistence mom and pop micro-businesses. We are also working on permanent affordable housing , an Asian American women’s center, services and shelter for LGBQT+ Asian American youth, and a community development center.

AA4H (Asian Americans For Housing) is an emerging nonprofit collaborative  dedicated to providing culturally competent, in-language support to unhoused and at-risk Asian Americans. 

We provide immediate direct aid. We fill in the gaps, cracks, fringes, and borders where aid is needed. We do our own outreach and direct aid and we informally partner with existing nonprofits and grassroots organizations to address emerging needs.

email Kamilah Zadi. [email protected]

Kamilah Zadi graduated from UCLA with a degree in Political Science. She is currently studying to become an attorney.

Susan Park [email protected]

Susan Park is a long time community organizer in Los Angeles, where she has lived for 46 years. Www.smokingkorean.com