Our Current Initiatives in Los Angeles

  1. Unhoused Korean American Seniors (27 in a makeshift main shelter, 8 in two other shelters, about a dozen who alternate between sleeping in saunas, churches, and hidden in the streets). Increase outreach efforts at churches, saunas, and on the streets.
  2. Housing rights and support services for at risk Korean American seniors (We’re starting to work with one building near USC. We currently help a mother and son [both are elderly] with meal assistance).
  3. Outreach to unhoused LGBQT young Korean Americans in Koreatown.
  4. Outreach to women and mothers. The main shelter run by reverend Kim is for men only. He gets calls from women he cannot help.
  5. Obtain permanent housing.

We hope to duplicate our initiatives with grassroots, community driven Asian American group specific organizations to help them provide culturally competent and in-language support.