Chinatown Initiative

Asian Americans for Housing does our own outreach and distribution in Chinatown. All of the organizations in Chinatown cannot cover all the outreach and distribution necessary in Chinatown and there is some diversity of low income seniors in Chinatown that need to be served.

We work with the following organizations and we do our own outreach and distribution.

API Forward Movement distributes CSA bags in Chinatown to 58 low income seniors. We supplement their distribution with our food care packages or prepared meals when we can.

We partner with SEACA and CCED to supplement their care packages with hot meals purchased from struggling Chinatown restaurants or prepared meals we make at Revolutionario North African Tacos in South Central LA.

Yes, we know Peter of Chinatown Services Center.

We estimate that approximately 2000 low income residents of Chinatown have not been outreached to and are in need of urgent direct aid.

Headed for Chinatown for CCED to distribute

We donated 420 meals and 239 cups of instant ramen to low income Chinese seniors in Chinatown last week.