Korean American Senior Tenants Union

More complete translation coming soon. We talked about the apartment building they live in. It was once predominately for low income seniors, majority Korean American. The building was built in 1971. So it’s rent controlled. However, during the past five years or so, management started renting to students. When elderly residents pass away, students would move in. We’re starting to ask questions. We know that elderly seniors from all backgrounds need affordable or section 8 housing. Why are these units being removed from marketplaces that are accessible to low income or fixed income seniors?

We’re going to organize a Korean American tenants union, because the majority of the senior tenants here are Korean American. We’re going to start advocating for all the senior tenants in this building and turn it into a local, state, and national cause.

Grandma Kim and Grandpa Kim welcome the activism. They’re used to it. They like it.