Our Strategies

  • Community & ally outreach: We instigated and ignited BAC (Black and Asian Coalition) in South Central Los Angeles and Koreatown
  • Coalition building with other Asian American group specific grassroots organizations to for culturally competent, in-language support
  • Leadership development for Asian Americans of all ages and economic backgrounds, for example a Korean American senior tenant organization
  • Constituent empowerment & decision-making through in-language explanations of policies and legal information
  • Popular education through grassroots events, organizations, and housing complexes in-language
  • Root cause analysis. We analyze policies, economics, politics, and the courses of capitalism. We analyze the how, why, where, and the money behind issues.
  • Power analysis. We ask who the power players? Are they invisible? How do we make them visible and accountable to the marginalized?
  • Campaign development. We develop social movements towards positive change by changing and steering narratives about social and economic inequality.
  • Mobilizing constituents & allies. We mobilize through tenants associations and grassroots coalition building.
  • Direct action: We take direct action to effect change

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