What Do We Mean By Culturally Competent, In-Language Support?

The initial organizers of Asian Americans for Housing are Korean Americans. We have been quickly partnering with Chinese Americans for private fundraising and distributions. East Asian Americans are doing the bulk of fundraising to help Pan-Asian groups of people.

Why us? Because both groups have large enclaves that have a range of resources. Koreatown and The San Gabriel Valley are the pride of rich and very affluent Korean Americans and Chinese Americans. Both of our groups have multigenerational resources in America. The better off among us can pay it forward.

We’re all Asian, but we’re not the same kind of Asian. Even within our own groups, there is heterogeneity. When Viet organizations started reaching out to to us, we gave them money to buy meals or meal kits for Viet and Asian seniors who are in urgent need. Our outreach method is to start with people in the most urgent need.

We asked Viet Care to choose heritage foods for 100 Viet seniors in urgent need of supplemental food. The food will be delivered tomorrow. Asian people eat different things.