Koreatown Initiative

Asian Americans for Housing’s policy is to reach out to existing grassroots, community driven Asian American and BIPOC organizations first to see where we can provide supplemental and complementary direct aid. We seek to fill gaps, cracks, and also do a lot of work at the fringes and borders.

Within in Koreatown, we work with KYCCLA.org in varying degrees. Our partnerships are fluid, malleable, and evolve with changing needs, emerging needs, and anticipated needs.

Asian Americans for Housing’s direct outreach and direct aid programs for low income seniors is also hyper-local to Korean seniors in our own Food Bank neighborhood. We distribute in University Park, Pico-Union, Jefferson Park, Adams-Normandie, West Adams, and environs. We seek out low income Korean seniors at all the borders and fringes of Koreatown. We also seek out low income Asian seniors that are not served within Asian American enclaves and outside of Asian American enclaves.