Little Tokyo

Little Tokyo Services Center picking up ingredients from Asian Americans for Housing’s Food Bank. LTSC is a well established nonprofit. We just like to say, “Hi, we’re here for you if you need something or we’ll reach out again when we have material resources that you might need.”

A lot of people assume that all Japanese Americans and Korean Americans are doing well or that our groups are doing well enough to automatically take care of our own. This isn’t always true. We have problems too and it’s nice to ask us if we’re doing okay.

Mo Nishida and his wife, Misako in Chinatown. Asian American seniors do not all live in their own enclaves. They live in other Asian American enclaves and outside of Asian American enclaves.

We try order as often as we can from Fugetsu-do because they’re are a cultural icon and important part of Japanese American heritage in Little Tokyo. All the East Asian seniors think of Japanese mochi and manju has a special treat. We like to treat our seniors well.